Fine dining Filipino restaurant that serves heirloom recipes handed down from generation to generation.


"I am proud of the legacy my family has handed down to me - 100 years of delicious and authentic Filipino food derived from passion for cooking and love for the family.

I thank my loved ones and friends who have inspired me passing on to me their family secrets and sharing with me their way of celebrating life.

Now, I present to you this timeless collection of dishes that has been handed down from generation to generation. A treasure selection of heirloom recipes that has brought my family and other families together, form joyful and loving memories in the dining table.

I am proud to share with you this PAMANA - a true legacy of Filipino cuisine."

    Our Menu


    Inihaw na Bicol Express

    Sinisig na Balat ng Manok

    Adobo Flakes

    Tiyan ng Bangus ng Sisig

    Name Description Price
    Lumpia Trio A variety of lumpia: longanissa, quezong puti and tinapa deep fried 'till crispy and golden. A Pamana specialty. PHP 280
    Adobo Flakes This dish made my first restaurant. WorldTopps' famous once you try it, you can't get enough of it!!! PHP 265
    Inihaw na Bicol Express My personal favorite! Inihaw na liempo cooked in coconut milk and tons of spices topped with famous Baliwag chicharon. PHP 275
    Okoy Bites   PHP 220
    Taal's Spicy Tawilis My innovation. Could be served plain and crispy too. PHP 260
    Sinuglaw na Maliputo Lolo Gerry De Leon's pride. Grilled pork belly and fresh tanigue marinated in spices, coconut milk and tuba. PHP 350
    Baked Balot, Kangkong & Quezo De Bola Spread   PHP 220
    Baked Bone Marrow w/ Adobo Pate & Toast   PHP 250
    Sizzling Balot Ala Probresite A new way of serving this Pinoy delicacy. Thanks to my friend, Chef Pauline Banusing. PHP 245
    Pampanga's Sizzling Sisig at Aligue If you loved the sisig along Pampanga 'riles', you haven't tried this one yet. Served sizzling hot with ginisang aligue! My hubby's favorite. PHP 310
    Crispy Pusit in Squid Ink May be served spicy or garlicky. Sari Jorge's (of 25 mushroom kitchen) innovation. Yummy! PHP 320
    Tiyan ng Bangus at Tofu Sisig A perfect combination and distraction from a deadly PORK SISIG! Dagupan style. My very own recipe. PHP 300
    Tuna Gising Gising Fresh tuna cooked in chilies, native herbs, green beans and coconut milk. Ate Gemma Tuba's (my secretary since my first resto 14 years back) staple in her Antipolo home. PHP 320
    Baked Tahong Sampler   PHP 275

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Hot Old Fashioned Soup


    Chicken Binakol

    Name Description Price
    Nilagang Bulalo A specialty of Mang Bert who has been the chief cook of our family for 50 years now. S - PHP 330
    L - PHP 600
    Chicken Binakol Chicken cooked in young coconut juice... My friend, Tweet Felician-Campos' Ultimate recipe. PHP 310
    Tinanglarang Manok Pamana's version of Tinolang Manok cooke in fresh Tanglad. PHP 285
    Kansi Yaya Jenny's special dish that made our Negro trips unforgettable. It's a cross between nilagang bulalo and sinigang. A personal favorite. S - PHP 330
    L - PHP 600

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Sinigang My Way or No Way

    Sinigang sa Manggang Hilaw

    Name Description Price
    Tuna Belly sa Manggang Hilaw PHP 420
    Sinigang na Hipon sa Kamias PHP 485
    Bangus Belly sa Kamias PHP 400
    Tadyang ng Baka sa Sampalok PHP 420
    Buto-Buto na Pinalapot sa Gabi PHP 380
    Sinigang na Gulay sa Tanglad PHP 265

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Native Salad and Greens


    Fresh Lumpia

    Ensaladang Mangga


    Name Description Price
    Ensaladang Bagnet O Lechon Belly Camille Ongpauco's mixed green and tomatoes topped with crispy bagnet. Served with bagoong blayan dressing. PHP 300
    Pinoy Caprese   PHP 320
    Fresh Lumpiang Ubod Salad Ubod and mixed greens on a bed of fresh lumpia wrapper. May be served crispy and fried too. This dish is inspired by Achie Linda Tiu's yummy ubod salad. PHP 275
    Chicken Inasal at Talong Salad   PHP 275
    Legaspi City's Famous Laing Amalia Fuentes' shredded taro cooked with shrimp and chicharon in a rich coconut based chili sauce. PHP 265
    Binignit Eva Abesamis' specialty. Native vegetable stew in coconut milk with pearl sago. PHP 270
    Pansit Buko Matcho Dimacuha's Batangas heirloom recipe. PHP 280
    Pinakbet w/ Bangus Belly   PHP 265
    Pinakbet w/ Shrimp and Lechon Kawali   PHP 295
    Pinakbet w/ Lechon Belly   PHP 275
    Dinengdeng Ilocano Famous dish from Jimbo and Joteen Jimenez's kitchen. A medley of vegetables with homemade bagoong based sauce. PHP 285

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Our Heritage

    Threeway Adobo

    Kare Kare

    Leyte's Humba

    Cripsy Tadyang
    ng Baka

    Bulalo Steak

    Adobong Pusit



    Sizzling Chicken

    Name Description Price
    Lechon Manok Pamana's unique version of lechon manok. Served the original way or "sinili" (cooked in chilies & spices)
    1 whole

    PHP 290
    PHP 470
    Cebu Lechon Roll My very own recipe derived from my love for pork belly and lechon. A combination of both cooked in extraordinary spices till crunchy in the outside and tender in the inside.
    1/4 kg
    1/2 kg
    1 kg

    PHP 275
    PHP 650
    PHP 1,200
    Nilechong Boneless Bangus Ilocos Style A healthier way of satisfying your lechon cravings. Not as deadly but good enough! My hubby's innovation. PHP 290
    The Original Way (Crispy Pata) Daddy Rod Ongpauco's Invention! Pork knuckles simmered until tender then fried to golden brown. Comes in ORIGINAL, SPICY or GARLIC flavor. PHP 630
    Sizzling Pata sa Bawang at Sili PHP 680
    Boneless Pata   PHP 650
    Pamana's Original Bagnet 1 pc
    PHP 365
    PHP 730
    Kulawong Bagnet   PHP 290
    Binagoongan 1 pc
    PHP 370
    PHP 740
    Original Kare Kare Barrio Fiesta's Legacy
    Served Original Way
    With Seafoods
    With Bagnet

    PHP 400
    PHP 450
    PHP 380
    Sizzling Bulalo Steak   PHP 390
    Bulalong Sisig Two reasons why my best childhood friend, Carina Guevarra would insist on sleeping over our house for a week. PHP 400
    Bulalong Corned Beef   PHP 360
    Crispy Tadyang Flakes, Boneless Pata & Kare Kare   PHP 650
    Sizzling Litid at Tadyang na Maanghang   PHP 420
    Sizzling Tadyang ng Baka with Bone Marrow Gravy PHP 410
    Three Way Adobo ni Lola 3 kinds of Adobo I learned from my three favorite lolas: Mama Chit, Lola Laling, and Lola Fely! Chicken adobong PUTI, native adobo spareribs and adobo flakes... An all in one. PHP 395
    Leyte's Humba Mama Chit's Sunday Special! Slowly simmered slab of pork belly cooked in a sweet spiced mixture. This is our family's staple food. PHP 350
    Crispy Chicken ala Pobre   PHP 290
    Tinuktok Minced coconut meat, shrimp, and spices wrapped in taro leaves and cooked in coconut milk. Lolo Eugenio's Pamana to us. PHP 320
    Isda Best Sizzling Bangus   PHP 265
    Davao's Baked Sugpo sa Taba ng Talangka Auntie Vicky Rousotte's pinoy fusion... Baked prawns in a special sauce with crab fat that melts in your mouth. To die for! PHP 400
    Seaside Paluto's Famous Sweet Shrimps Our "suki", Manang Trina's recipe. Farm style sauteed shrimp in sweet butter. PHP 400
    Adobong Pusit at Calamares   PHP 320
    Seafood Medley   PHP 378
    Pinangat na Isda sa Manggang Hilaw Tita Susan Roces' Pamana to all of us - Jose Rizal and the Katipuneros tradition. PHP 290
    Crispy Lapu-Lapu with Sweet Green Mango Sauce Naomi's Pamana. A must try. PHP 550
    Marinduque's Sinanglay Governor's house special. Fresh Tilapia with tomatoes and onions cooked in native spices and coconut milk!
    1 pc
    2 pcs
    PHP 310
    PHP 580
    Bistek Salmon Belly   PHP 280
    Chiken Inasal   PHP 220
    Liempo Inasal   PHP 280
    Inihaw Bacon Liempo   PHP 280
    Inihaw na Manok   PHP 230
    Inihaw na Tadyang   PHP 440
    Inihaw na Bangus   PHP 300
    Inihaw na Lapu-Lapu   PHP 150
    Inihaw na Tilapia   PHP 320
    Inihaw na Pusit   PHP 285
    Inihaw na Sugpo   PHP 515
    Inihaw at Binalot sa Dahon - Lapu-Lapu   PHP 150
    Inihaw at Binalot sa Dahon - Bangus   PHP 290
    Inihaw at Binalot sa Dahon - Tilapia   PHP 320
    Inihaw at Binalot sa Dahon - Sugpo   PHP 520
    Pinaputok sa Dahon ng Saging - Tuna   PHP 285
    Pinaputok sa Dahon ng Saging - Tilapia   PHP 315
    Pinaputok sa Dahon ng Saging - Bangus   PHP 310
    Pinaputok sa Dahon ng Saging - Hipon   PHP 470
    Sinugba Inihaw or pinaputok. Assorted meat and seafood grilled to perfection. PHP 825
    Mama Chit Special My Lola's Bilao of fried meat and seafood. A regular in our Sunday lunch affairs. PHP 850
    Crispy Tadyang   PHP 650

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Inasal, Inihaw, Prito o Pinaputok sa Dahon ng Saging

    Inihaw na Pusit

    Pinaputok na Tilapia

    Name Description Price
    Tadyang ng Baka Inihaw or crispy PHP 375
    Pork Liempo Inihaw or inasal PHP 265
    Manok Inasal or Pinaputok

    PHP 160
    PHP 150
    PHP 150
    Boneless Bangus Inihaw or niluto sa tustadong bawang PHP 265
    Tiyan ng Bangus Inasal or crispy PHP 240
    Tuna Inihaw or pinaputok PHP 250
    Salmon Belly Inihaw or pinaputok PHP 300
    Sugpo Inihaw or pinaputok PHP 455
    Tilapia Pinaputok, Binukadkad or Inihaw PHP 280
    Pusit Inasal, crispy or pinaputok PHP 265

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    4 Way Cochinillo Al Horno
    Name Description Price
    Apertivos Lechong sisig PHP 590
    Carnes char-grilled lechon, the original way
    1 whole

    PHP 1,300
    PHP 2,600
    PHP 5,200
    Pinaksiw A day old lechon, stewed and topped with crispy lechon flakes PHP 650
    Mariscos Paella lechon, the Ylagan way

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Rice and Noodles

    Adobo Rice

    Seafood Paella

    Name Description Price
    Seafood Paella This is Lola Laling's version of Seafood Paella. PHP 360
    Longganisa Rice   PHP 220
    Don Randy Go's Aligue Rice Tons of garlic and aligue make this dish Randy Go's Tagaytay house a hang out. PHP 200
    Eunice Roxas' Bagoong Rice Bagoong fried rice with sweet tender pork, strips of fried egg and green mango. This is the reason to Eric's belly. PHP 220
    Spicy Tuyo Rice   PHP 185
    My Adobo Rice This dish made WORLD TOPPS, my first restaurant famous. It will make you come back for more! PHP 220
    Sinangag just like how the Bacolodians like it Cooked in tons of garlic and annatto oil. Allana Montelibano introduced this version of rice recipe to me. PHP 130
    Plain Rice Cooked in Bamboo with Pandan Flavor PHP 100
    Sizzling Pancit Ivatan   PHP 370
    Birthday Noodles Misua A birthday tradition of most Chinese Families. Achie Cathy Tiu's pride. You can't miss out on this especially on your birthday! PHP 325
    Pancit Canton A Filipino classic dish that is presentin every occasion. A Paman recipe from Gretchen Gaffud's Great Grandmother. PHP 300
    Pancit Lucban Pancit with Boracay longganisa and local spices... My yaya Angga's heirloom recipe from Quezon. PHP 410
    Sotanghon Aligue   PHP 420

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Mamam Liberty's Beverages

    Fruit Shake

    Iced Tea

    Gulaman at Sago

    Name Description Price
    Cold Drinks
    Lemon Grass Iced Tea PHP 65
    PHP 170
    Pandan-luya Iced Tea PHP 65
    PHP 170
    Calamansi Iced Tea PHP 90
    Soda in Can PHP 65
    Bottled Water PHP 50
    Gulaman at Sago PHP 75
    Chocnut Shake PHP 115
    Fresh Fruit Shakes in season with sago PHP 115
    Choco-Banana Shake in Ahiya Renzo PHP 150
    Fruit Juices PHP 90
    Hot Drinks
    Capeng Barako PHP 60
    Chocolate Ah ni Kuya Anton PHP 75
    Tsaa ni Mamam PHP 65
    Calamansi Juice PHP 65

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Merienda Specials

    Pansit Malabon

    Name Description Price
    Pansit Malabon with Adobo Flakes PHP 250
    Tokwa't Bagnet PHP 250
    Tsokolate de Baterol at Ensaymada PHP 250
    La Paz Batchoy PHP 180
    Tofu Ala Tito Vic & Joey PHP 260

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Lola Pilar's Pandesal Bar

    Lola Pilar's

    Name Description Price
    Adobo Flakes   PHP 160
    Quezong Puti & Malunggay Pesto   PHP 170
    Kaldereta Corned Beef   PHP 200
    Tuna Salpicao   PHP 170
    Lechon Belly w/ Adobo Gravy   PHP 185
    Spicy Sardines   PHP 160
    Afternoon Tea Set   PHP 425
    Chocolate Ah   PHP 180

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Our Childhood Sweet Memories


    Homemade Ice Cream

    Sunshine's Ube
    Halo Halo


    Name Description Price
    Pampanga's Bibingka Ate Cila Reyes - Chua's bibingka with quezong puti, itlog na maalat, a family recipe from her great great grandmother. PHP 170
    Puto Bumbong Love Ongpauco's addiction. Puto Bumbong with grated cheddar cheese, quezo de bola and heated coco jam. PHP 130
    Sunshine's Ube Halo-Halo My sister's invention. Imagine halo-halo wth ube ice. A must try! PHP 190
    Palitaw   PHP 70
    Guimaras Mangoes ala Mode The reason why I go to my bestfriend Chat Fores' house even after her dog bit me! PHP 195
    Batangas' Pinoy Fondue Puto, suman, at kutsinta served with hot chocolate. My cousin Heart Evangelista's answer to your sweet tooth's craving. PHP 250
    Crispy Langka, Turon Ube at Sorbetes My sons Renzo, Chezco and Nicco's favorite! PHP 175
    Grilled Ensaymada at Chocolate De Baterol   PHP 260
    Ginumis w/ Panucha Ice Cream   PHP 130
    My Very Own Homemade Ice Cream On apa or pandesal
    Quezo trio, Manga, Chocnut, Langka, Ube

    PHP 85
    My Very Own Homemade Ice Cream Banana split, the native way PHP 195

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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